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Slit-Scan Download

The program is written in "Processing". Processing is based on Java so you might need to install that too.

Without needing to understand the program, you can easlily change the parameters in it.


1/ Download Processing FREE from download for your operating system. I originally used "Download 2.0 Beta 6 (2 November 2012)" for Windows 64bit; It seems fine on version 2 - Tested on Version 2.2.1 Jan 2015. I last tested Version 3.0.1 Jan 2016.

2/ Install Processing, it should be pretty obvious how to do this (just export the directory from a zip file).

2a/ Install Video Library. Run processing (processing.exe), click on Sketch tab / Import Library..., click Add Library, scroll down to "Video" and click install.

3/ Download the "sketches" (programs and test data, one for movies and the other for sets of images). Here is a zip file with the two versions of the program and a small sample movie and a set of images. Download

4/ Place the unzipped directories somewhere sensible then open one of the .pdefiles within with processing.exe (or run processing and open the .pde file from there.

5/ A little window with the source program appears. Run it by clicking on the "play" button.

Processinng sketch

6/ There will be a delay as the movie loads, then you should get a new window something like this:


7/ The movie plays and the slit is indicated by a thin green line and the final image is built up. After few seconds the window closes. Note: the image shown may be a distorted view of the actual image .tiff file output.

8/ You will find a new .tiff file in the same folder as the .pde program.

You can now replace the .mov with your own and change the program parameters if neccessary (change the source code, so it may be worth saving the original version!) - I hope I have commented them sufficiently so this should be very easy.

Run again and see your new artwork appear.

Release history

Link to old versions - just in case.

slit_cam_v1_00 Initial release. Any size video, horizontal and vertical slit. Start frame, left and right scans. Source code slit_cam_v1_00.

slit_cam_imgs_v0_01 Pre-release version to process input images instead of a movie. Source code slit_cam_imgs_v0_01.

slit_cam_v1_03 / slit_cam_imgs_v1_03 Re-written scanning so 1 pixel or number of frames/scan can be specified - interpolating if neccessary. Added version to process set of images instead of video input. Source code slit_cam_v1_03 Source code slit_cam_imgs_v1_03

If you want to experiment with a new (May 2013) version that uses a sequence of images (e.g. .JPG files from your DSLR) You can: Use right click save link as (firefox) or equivalent to save this file: